Friday, September 16, 2016

Quick House Updates

Things have been so crazy with the house situation that blogging has (once again) taken a backseat to life.  Sigh.

The short story is:  The original sale of our home fell through about 25 days before close (the good pastor and his wife decided to separate; she didn't want to move from Michigan; I wrote them a note - several weeks later - wishing them well; good karma is important and really, it was a sad situation all around).  We did NOT end up in an apartment (which is REALLY, REALLY GREAT!) but we did end up making additional ($$) renovations to the house to get it market-ready (which is much less great).

I am a faithful person, but when things go wrong I typically freak out and worry.  For some odd reason, when this all fell through instead of worry I felt extreme peace - like I knew it was meant to be and would all work out.  That didn't come from me - that was definitely a God thing.

We re-listed our house and it sold again within 6 days. (!). The new house was now the unknown - would it be finished in time or would we, once again, be required to move twice? I still felt like it would all work out, but the unknown was making me a bit twitchy.  In the meantime, we had a pre-drywall walk-thru and I just felt like I was looking at a house - not my home.  Very weird.

After vacation (I'll try to write about that in my spare time - HA!), we finally nailed down a date - closing is September 29.  Closing on our current home is October 3.  We have exactly one weekend to move (which is PERFECT).

This is a very emotional time for all of us - Greg and I are both a bit crazy (crazier than normal, in my case) and the kids are not really themselves.  I'm not worried that it's the right decision (it is) but I am worried about how long they'll take to get back to being themselves, happy I guess.  I think they are very nervous - it's such an unknown when you've never done it before but we are SO lucky that they don't have to change schools.

We really can't talk about leaving our neighbors, tho.  We all cry (OK, maybe not Greg although he really loves our neighbors, too).  I just try to stuff those emotions back in and hold them close until the last day.  I already told the kids it would be OK to cry as we leave because I would be, too :( (And...I'm crying a little as I type this.  Sigh.)

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  1. This is going to be such a blessing for all of you! The amount of time saved will be so amazing for your family not having to run kids back and forth so much. so glad the timing worked out so nicely for you! It was all meant to be. Good luck with the move!