Monday, July 18, 2016

DIY Disney Shirts

Disney vacations are not cheap (I know, duh!), especially when there are 6 of you making the trip.  There are TONS of ways to save a little $$ out on the internet (stay off site, pack snacks and waters, etc.). 

Dressing 6 people in acceptable attire is also a challenge.  We do usually end up with a few souvenir tees, but I like to have some to take with us as well.  I made shirts for our last trip and when I went to remake them this year (because, dang it, these kids GROW) I couldn't find the link.  Not on Pinterest.  Not in my bookmarks.  Nowhere.  I don't want to spend that much time searching again, so here we go:

What you will need:

Mickey templates (try Google for this), preferably printed on cardstock
Freezer paper
Fabric paint
Plain cotton t-shirts (washed and dried - no fabric softener)
*Not pictured: Scissors, iron, cardboard to place in the shirt, and something to cover your workspace.

Step 1: Print out your template, cut it out, and trace onto freezer paper.  You will need one freezer paper outline per shirt.

Step 2:  Iron the paper to stick to the tee, shiny side down.  You do not need to use steam but you will need relatively high heat.  I tried it with low heat and the paper just curled and didn't stick.

Step 3:  Place cardboard inside the t-shirts.  This is to prevent the paint from leaking through to the back.  I used a combination of a cardboard shipping box and an empty cereal box.

Step 4:  Spray with fabric paint.  You do not need to soak it - the outline will be obvious even with minimal paint.  Case in point:  I started this project using paint from two years ago and it only worked for 5-7 squirts (this is on the light pink shirt pictured further down).  I used this paint in asphalt and diamond sparkle (for the girls)(not an affiliated link).

 Black only:

 Black with sparkle (black first, sparkle on top):

Finished product (yes, even Greg agreed to play along this time):

Paint has to dry 4 hours before removing the freezer paper (it just peels right off).  Dry 72 hours before turning inside out to wash (per instructions on the paint).

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