Sunday, July 9, 2017

Make Up

"Mommy? Can I try some of your make-up?"

My oldest daughter, Natalie, asked that question shortly after school was out for the summer.  She says some of her friends are wearing lip gloss and she'd like to try something more than our homemade tinted lip balm.

The answer was easy.  Because she's TEN.


But then I started to think about it...Would I let her put the same crap on her face that I put on mine?  I'm mostly a drugstore, Maybelline or L'OrĂ©al make-up kinda girl.  And it's pretty much full of not-the-best-stuff-to-put-on-your-skin ingredients.  Now, listen.  I'm not going all hippy on ya's different when it's your baby girl wanting to use it versus putting it on your own self, know what I mean?

Women use A LOT of products with some unsafe materials (I hate the title of this article because EVERYTHING has a chemical composition - air? Yep. Water? Yep.  Not all chemicals are bad, you guys.  Pick a different word.  Pet peeve.  End rant.)

I had already started trying to figure out what I would and would not want her to try when the company I'm with (Young Living Essential Oils) decided to launch their very own line of make-up, Savvy Minerals.

No fillers, no phthalates.

No parabens, No gluten.

Vegan friendly (not tested on animals - Lord help me when Natalie finds out all of the things that ARE tested on animals)(Although she has quite the love affair with bacon and she knows EXACTLY where that comes from, so...)

What I'm saying is, I ordered some almost the minute I could.  I say almost because, well, see above.  I have no idea what I'm doing with regular ol' drugstore make-up so the idea of using fancy, mineral make-up gives me palpitations.  Anybody wanna come over and help? Cause, y'all.  I do NOT want to go out looking like I did when I first started using make-up myself.

*remembers the 80's*
*bright blue eyeliner*
*shudders again*

Thankfully, as part of being with Young Living, there's a fantastic group of online folks who are willing to walk me through it.  And once I'm all "savvy" (<--see what I did there?), I can help anyone who wants to give it a try! (Except Natalie)(Because she's TEN!)

*sighs contentedly*

I can't wait for it to get here!!

But it's still going to be YEARS before Natalie is allowed to have her own. #meanestmom

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