Thursday, May 12, 2016

Accidentally Sold

So.  We accidentally sold our house.

I'm sure that's not a common statement, but - for the most part - it's true.  How?  Let me explain...

We had been discussing moving closer to school/work for awhile (years, really) because we both commute over 100 miles a day (not counting anything extra).  That's a lot of time spent behind the wheel.  A LOT.  But in recent months we had ramped up from just "talking about" moving to "planning".  We had started making what we thought were necessary repairs and updates.  We were looking into possibly building a new home (This was more Greg - I have pretty vivid memories of building this place and while I absolutely love our house, I didn't want the drama that goes with building) and talking about finding a realtor to help us out.

I was, of course, training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.  In early March, I was out for a run when I just happened to pass by a woman taking photos of a house that had been recently listed.  I back-tracked and asked if she was a realtor.  She was and after telling her our current situation, she gave me her card.  I promptly took it home and put it on the door thinking that at least I had a local contact.

In the meantime, I worked cafeteria duty with a fellow basketball parent who is also a realtor (I didn't know this until that day).  He gave me his card and because it was someone I know and trusted, we decided that - WHEN THE TIME CAME - we would use him. 

I had started getting pamphlets and such from the first realtor (we'll call her Lisa)(because that's her name) but I ignored them knowing we were going to use a different guy.  A couple of days after Easter, while my kids were all still home from school on Easter break and I was hiding working in the computer room (diffusing Abundance oil, I might add), there was a knock at the door.  It was Lisa.  She looked genuinely surprised that I was home (she had a bag she had planned to leave with more goodies in it - pens, business card, etc.).  She asked when we thought we would be ready to list.  I stammered and hemmed and hawed and she just flat out said, "I have two people who would like to see this place.  One of them is only available THIS THURSDAY. He's the new pastor at my church and needs a place ASAP" (emphasis mine).  You guys.  My kids had been home for 5 days straight.  My husband had more "projects" going on trying to prep the house than I can count.  What I'm saying is HELL NO was I ready to let someone "show" it.  She asked me to give her a call if I changed my mind (FAT CHANCE) and left.

I called Rick (our actual realtor).  He felt that she was probably just fishing for a listing and there wasn't actually someone that interested but just to be on the safe side, he made plans to come up and take a look at our place and give us his opinion.  I mean, we've never done this before and we had almost no idea what our home was worth.  I should mention that I am really good at Pinterest.  I had my own ideas. LOL!

Rick did his job and we had plans and a timeframe and we were moving steadily forward towards listing in mid-to-late May. 

In the meantime I had casually mentioned to a couple of moms (after Mass) that we were starting to seriously think about selling/moving.  One of them hooked me up with the Prayer to St. Joseph.  You guys, do NOT mess with St. Joe.

Rick then called on a Wednesday and said, "Remember that pastor? He really wants to see your place!  Tomorrow..."

Now, Greg was out of town (Denver) and I was pretty sure that even if I didn't sleep there was no way I could have it show-worthy in less than 24 hours.  But you know what?  I've decided that I don't say "yes" to chance or opportunity nearly as much as I should.  So I played my favorite game:  What's the Worst that Could Happen?  If they like it, great.  Maybe we'll sell it without actually listing it.  If they hate it, we get feedback knowing that it wasn't really ready to be sold anyways.

I wore myself out trying to get everything cleaned up and ready.  I moved furniture.  I cleaned and polished.  I hid stuff in places that I STILL can't find.   I put Citrus Fresh in every diffuser.  And I showed a very nice couple my home.

They made an acceptable offer the very next day.

Holy $#@!  We sold our house.  With very little doing on our part.  Someone once told me that coincidence is God working anonymously.  This has the Hand of God all over it. 

We accepted their offer on my birthday - April 23, 2016. 

We signed the papers to build a new home on Greg's birthday - May 8, 2016.

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  1. Congrats on selling your house. I am happy things worked out for you. I think your story is a great reminder that we have to sometimes be open to things that might be a little uncomfortable. That can sometimes be the way to success. I really enjoyed your quote "coincidence is God working anonymously"