Wednesday, September 9, 2015

If You Give a Mom a Sticker

If you give a mom a window sticker

She will want to put it on her minivan.

Before she can put it on the window, she will need to clean it.

If she's going to clean the window, she may as well wash the entire vehicle.

When she's done washing the vehicle, she will fastidiously clean all of the windows.  Inside AND out.

When she's through cleaning the windows, she will take a break from the scorching heat and get a drink.

While she's inside getting a drink, she'll notice that it's lunchtime.

When she's finished eating lunch, she'll remember that she needs to flip the laundry.

While she's folding clothes, she'll remember that she hasn't showed yet (don't judge).

When she's all done showering and dressing, it will be almost time to pick up the kids.

She will collect all of the running gear, snacks, water bottles and coolers for the cross-country meet in time.  (She will not, however, remember the printed directions which is OK because they were for the wrong location anyway).

While she's driving to school, it will start to rain.

She will cuss a little.

She will turn on the rear windshield wiper and when she does she will notice that



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