Monday, August 10, 2015

The Summer My Baby...Wasn't One Anymore

Nick was my favorite baby.
Until his brother was born 21 months later. 

This summer, he's not a baby any more.  He's a man-child, growing up before my very eyes.  He had his most recent physical last week.  He's 5'5" tall and 103 (!) pounds - Yes, he finally broke the century mark on the scale. 

He still doesn't like change, but he's changing - growing bigger, yes, but that happens every year.  This year, the change is bigger - he's becoming a man before our very eyes.

As parents, our job will always be to provide the necessities - food, clothing, shelter, and love.  Always love. 

How we show love is as individual as each person (although the 5 Love Languages are pretty accurate...), but make no mistake - we all show it.  The best advice I have ever heard regarding love is that just because someone doesn't love you in the way you want or expect doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have, in the best way they know how.

I'll miss a lot of the little boy that he used to be but what's hardest for me to lose is his voice.  There's no more little boy voice.  No more, "Mommy, please don't say me no!" (When he wanted something and he was SURE I wouldn't allow it).  I wish I had more video, more recordings because it was SO sweet and special - the first one I ever heard call me "Mommy".  The one who gave all of his grandparents' their nicknames (Papa, Grandma-Grandma, and Grandma - it's complicated).

I will miss it...but I hope his new voice is strong.  That it speaks out against what he knows to be wrong and speaks up about what he knows to be right.  That it strongly proclaims his beliefs.  That he lifts it up sweetly in song and prayer to The Lord.  That he whispers softly to those smaller and weaker.  That he yells boldly to those who might try to talk down to him.  And that he always, always speaks his mind...but with love.

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